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What Kind of Mom Are You?



If you are a mom, you undoubtedly feel at times as if you are being pulled in one hundred different directions at once.  Whether you work full time or are a stay-at-home-mom, there are so many things to manage and so many people to take care of, you might feel as if you should wear a cape and high heel boots and put a big S on your chest!  Rightly so!  We are ALL SuperMoms!


I have a great partner in parenting.  My husband is a wonderful father and husband, and he is a huge help with the kids and the house.  Even so, I still feel like some days I want to stay in bed and let someone else do my job, but that is not possible.  My daughter has to get out for school, my boys need diaper changes and bottles, I need to turn on the laptop and get some work done (as a freelance writer as well as a City Ambassador for my local site, I put in about 30 hours per week working from home).  Undoubtedly there is at least one (or five) loads of laundry to get done, there might be leftover cups in the sink from last night, and chances are I might have missed something sweeping under the highchairs from dinner that I need to get to ASAP.  And before I do any of that, I need to get myself showered and dressed while my husband is still home, so that I don’t need to worry about my three babies while I am trying to condition my hair! 


I have four children: a seven year old girl, twin one year old boys, and a newborn baby boy.  When I was nine months pregnant, I could not figure out why I managed to handle the twin pregnancy like a champ, but yet my last pregnancy drained me and I found myself exhausted and overwhelmed.  After asking around, I kept hearing “You have three other kids you are taking care of now” and “You are a SuperMom, you try to handle everything and you are about to have a baby any day now!  Show down!”  I never considered myself a “Supermom”; as a matter of fact I felt quite the opposite!  I felt guilty when I needed to put my head down for a few minutes to take a catnap.  I felt terrible when I could not get to that last load of laundry and would have to ask my mom or mother-in-law to fold them because I could not handle one more thing that day.  I felt like I should be doing more with my kids but was on bed rest due to pre-term labor and felt like a terrible mom.  SuperMom?  I felt like that should be the LAST title I should hold!  But I have realized something!  We are ALL SuperMoms!  What is YOUR superpower?


THE TRAINER         

You have all your children potty trained by two years old.  You have managed to get your children off the bottle, drop the pacifier and rid bad habits such as thumb sucking and biting with ease.  Your friends even ask you to help train their kids!



You nursed all your children religiously.  You have never given a bottle of formula, and you wonder if you will ever get your body back to yourself!  But that’s ok!  You are proud to have this responsibility!



You always kiss boo-boos and they magically feel better!  You put the Band-Aids on just right every time.  You hope that the line “Come here, Mommy will kiss it and make it better” will work until they are at least in college and on their own!



You find all those animal crackers in the couch cushions even though no one is supposed to be eating in the living room.  You find your daughter’s notebook after she “swore” she looked for hours in her room for it.  You find your husband’s missing brown socks that he says the washing machine ate in his drawer, right where you said they were.  You find that missing pacifier that the baby is crying for.  You find everything (but why can’t you find that Tupperware container’s lid?)!



You save hundreds each year with coupons and sales.  You get the best deals on diapers and formula by price matching.  You always manage to find the best prices on holiday gifts and electronics.  You love to save a dime!



You always manage to break up the fights and arguments the kids are having.  You help them share toys and TV time like a champ, and everyone always ends up with a smile.  You help your school-aged son deal with handling the disagreement he is having with his little best friend.  Your husband can’t win an argument, that’s how good you are!



You can always tell when your child has fibbed.  Your daughter cannot understand how you can always tell when she did not brush her teeth when she said she did.  Your son cannot figure out how you know he got reprimanded in the school yard today…



Usually going hand and hand with The Lie Detector, you magically see every time a Cheerio is thrown across the room, even when you are not in the room!  You see every time your little girl rolls her eye, and you see every bit speck of dust on the furniture (not only in your house, but in friends’ houses as well… shhhhh!).



The kids love when it is your turn to carpool.  You put on the cool music, you tell jokes, and you have the greatest snacks.  And when someone needs to smile or laugh, you are just the one to do it!



Your least favorite phrase is “I’m bored”.  But it doesn’t matter, luckily you rarely hear it!  You always manage to find something interesting for the kids to do, from a crafting activity to having them help with the cooking.  Heck, you even make doing chores fun for the kids!  And weekends and vacations are always jam packed with nothing but FUN!




You can sniff out a stinky diaper anywhere!  And best of all, you know when it is your kid’s and when it is someone else’s! You can tell when there is something sour in the fridge (but we won’t tell anyone you missed that!) and when the milk is starting to go bad. 



Somehow, you manage to find a home for every toy, article of clothing, pot and pan, piece of mail, and everything in between in your small two bedroom apartment.  And the closets and cabinets are in order and neat!  Plus, whenever you need to find one of those items in there, you know exactly where to look!


THE LOOKERNo matter where you are, you can throw your child that look from across the room and he knows he needs to stop running, get ready to go, or behave better.  And other people’s kids can usually get the hint as well!  That look is all it takes!



In every crisis or emergency, you manage to maintain your cool….  You work well under pressure and can handle things when they need to be handled.  Hey, no one needs to know how you break down later on when you are alone, and when all is said and done and everyone is safe!



Your daughter fell during her gymnastics routine.  Your son struck out in the bottom of the ninth with bases loaded and his team was down by one run.  Your toddler is trying to master the fine art of walking but can’t seem to get past three steps at a time.  They are upset and their little egos are crushed.  Mommy helps every time!



In times of distress, in times of trouble, in times of, well, just times of being an everyday mom… you get up, brush yourself off, and keep going.  You are the WARRIOR MOM!



Even if you don’t consider yourself many of the above super heroes, you are undoubtedly THE MULTITASKER!  Who else can manage work, a home, the kids and keep the hubby happy all in a day’s work?  So, who cares your hair is in a messy pony tail and you are in desperate need of a mani/pedi?  There is always time for you to fit in an hour or two for yourself!  Go take care of yourself!  YOU DESERVE IT SUPERMOM!

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